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Mr. Rossi’s commmitment to designing and production of kart products stems from knowing that in order to set a driver in the best racing conditions, it is fundamental to offer him a highly competitive kart. Originally used by the Racing Team drivers, Mr. Rossi’s chassis are now available to all kart enthusiasts through a selected network of importers and dealers the world over.

Presently the licensed chassis models are three, a more traditional one denominated M92, the more innovative J90 and the latest S97; the initials refer to three of the World Championship titles won by Mr. Rossi in Jesolo in 1990, in Mariembourg in 1992 and in Salbris in 1997. The main feature of the J90, which is otherwise a normal “double bend”, is the slight V shape of the tubes beside the tank, but which opens frontwards (contrary to the M92). The latter is softer and easier to drive, besides being better categories using harder tires. Both models have the 32 mm diameter tubes, while they are reduced to 30 mm on the S97. The chassis are all equipped with magnesium accessories, floating disk brakes, the possibility to set the stearing wheel bar in several leverage positions and axel flanges which allow the change of the wheel base.

DR Racing also has its own sportswear line with its attractive style and excellent features both in terms of comfort and durability.

Mr. Rossi, in his commitment to improving the product line, has established a strong partnership with Mechatron-Kart, as the sole agent in Italy, for the innovative electronic shift operated by levers under the stearing wheel, ME-SHIFTER F1, used in the World Championship of the KZ1 classe.

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